The biggest plot twist of Playlist Live

Earlier today I went to playlist live and I was expecting to meet Gabe Erwin and King Bo. However, they were not there while I was there and I happened to be with a couple classmates that were a little more familiar with the Marriott Center because they were there on Saturday as well. Being that they had a pink bracelet for the meet and greet, I just went ahead and got the same they had because the people I wanted to meet were already there this morning. So, we are sitting there waiting for the famous YouTubers to come out, chatting, getting to know each other since I just met these girls, and I told them that I wasn’t gonna get any pictures with anyone but guess who got caught up talking to every single one of them? Me. This girl. They finished taking their pictures with the people they wanted while I was talking to all of them asking them about what they do on their YouTube channel and getting selfies with every single one of them. I find it funny how I had no intention on taking pictures or talking to any of them. Overall, they turned out to be cool people. Playlist live was so much fun and it was a great experience. I definitely want to go next time but for the whole weekend instead.


Blessings in disguise

You know how you wake up? Go to the bathroom and then try to go back to sleep because you know you are able to sleep-in? Yeah I had that kind of morning yesterday. However, when I was attempting to go back to sleep, I got a call from my manager. First thing I thought, “maybe they want me in to come in early or something.” So I answered and she was asking me about something I said to the lady that does kid’s yoga last Saturday and yes, I did explain to the lady about the time I had emotional breakdown at work because I made a mistake and the owner’s wife got on my case about it. I felt like she came off a little bit aggressive because she told me “well I don’t like mistakes like that” and I was talking to this yoga instructor as if I could actually trust her right? But, turns out she snitched on me and it got me fired. She told them that I said that I felt like the owners wife was “yelling at me” but I never said that. My manager told me, “I have to let you go because the owner’s wife is tired of it, I tried to fight for you but I can’t fight for you anymore. I’m sorry, we will mail you your last check on Friday.” It was so heartbreaking. This women twisted my words and used it against me to get me fired. Here is where the blessings come to play, today at school there is a job fair that the class went to this morning and I’ve made the decision to apply to work at Chase that pays $15 an hour and will definitely give me 20 hours a week. There are countless amounts of benefits, helps pay tuition, paying off student loans, and they will work with my schedule when it comes to my school schedule. I’m so excited, I’m going to submit my resume tonight and hope for the best. Who knew that there would be a job fair the day after I got fired from my previous job! This was truly a blessing in disguise.


So there is this guy I’ve been talking to since I’d say January because he hit me up on Instagram asking me about my radio show. He was asking if I can put anything I want on my radio show and I told him yes but it has to be PG since my radio show is a school radio show so we can’t put any bad words or anything inappropriate. So I asked him, “do you write songs yourself?” and he said, “No I just make beats.” So I told him, “I hate to break it to you but I’m not gonna just post an instrumental beat on my show.” Then he told me, “my homeboy raps and writes music and stuff” and I responded with, “okay, how about you and your homeboy make a song and I’ll put it on my radio station as long as it doesn’t have any cuss words, I got you.” He responded saying, “oh word?” I replied saying, “yeah.” Keep in mind, I thought that would be the only conversation I’d have with this guy right? I thought wrong. Next thing, I know he messages me about two days later saying, “aye girl whats your number?” So I said, “I don’t normally give out my number but since you fine, here you go.” I gave him my number and we started talking from there. We have had our ups and downs because there are those times where I cut it off with him because I felt like he didn’t care but I started to appreciate the little things. The reason why his nickname is “Kissy-face” is because when we first met he kissed me and got straight to the point when it came to showing his affection towards me. A family friend actually gave him that nickname because of it. We’ve been hanging out, he’s super sweet. He’s not quite ready for a relationship but I’m not rushing anything and I love the bond me and him have created over the past few months. He is now like my lover and best friend. I never thought I’d ever feel this way about someone ever again. I can’t even put into words how I feel for him. I think I love him. I hope him and I can be something great in the future because I know deep down he is a good guy. Once he’s ready we’ll be exclusive.

Money scammed

On Saturday I was working, I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed that this girl is helping people get serious money. I was shook. So being a broke college student, I asked her, “How are you helping people get all of this money?” She replied, “It depends on how much you invest in. If you give $150 I can get you $1,500, if you give me $200, I can get you $2,500 and if you give me $300 I can get you $4,500. It goes up like that” So I immediately started thinking, “I wanna make some money. But let me start off small.” Eventually I asked, “How do I transfer the $150?” She told me to download the “Western Union” app so I can transfer the money directly to her.  So, my dumb self transferred the money. Later on she told me “Hey it’s your lucky day, my manager just added $1,500 to your account so if you give me another $150, instead of it being $4,500, you’ll be getting $5,500.” I replied saying “Oh for real? okay. I’ll transfer it.” What was weird about this situation is that the Western Union app didn’t let me transfer the money the second time I tried transferring for the extra money. I explained to her the situation and she told me I’d have to go to a rescue location. Eventually, after work I went to an Amscot around the corner from my job. I went in, explained my situation with the money and the man that works there straight up told me “yeah, that sounds like a scam” I responded saying “Are you serious?” and he said, “yes but you can probably catch it, here is the number for Western Union and here is the number you can call if it is a scam.” I said, “thank you so much.” He said, “no problem” and I left. On the way home, I called Western Union and came to find out that the girl took my money and I had no way of getting it back so I reported her for fraud and deactivated mt account with Western Union. Never believe people that promise you large amounts of money on Instagram. I learned my lesson, that’s for sure.

My very first Obituary for my dear friend

My very first story I wrote for this class was an Obituary for my dear friend named Ashley Perdomo. She died from a hit-and-run. The saddest part about this is that she was only 17 years of age. She didn’t even make it to graduation. She was on-track to graduate, she was well-known around school. I was so shocked when I found about about her passing because I just saw her the day before. I sat right next to her in class and the fact hat she was gone from one day to the next, I was immediately in tears when I heard the horrifying news from a close friend of mine. Ashley was very humble, sweet, beautiful, and the whole school was affected by her death. We did a candle light visual by where she died, we did a memorial for the senior night. We held candles, let balloons fly high in the sky in her honor and had a moment of silence for her. It was so heart broken to see her mother crying and screaming for her to come back. It’s so sad that til this day, they never really got their justice. The man that ran into her did get arrested but not too long after he got arrested, someone bailed him out for $15,000. I found this very unfair to Ashley and her family. Why would they release a man that killed a senior in high school? It was so devastating. Ashley is in a better place now and god bless her and the family always. R.I.P Ashley Perdomo. She will always live in our hearts.

Eminem Story – Where did he go?

I decided to write a story about Eminem because I noticed that he has not been releasing any new music in a while and then when he released a song with Beyonce, everyone was saying “Eminem’s back”. My question is, back from what? Where did he go? Why did he take this break? What was he doing all of this time while he was away from the music industry? From my research, I know he had a drug problem that he admitted to and I believe he went to rehab for it but that was a long time ago because the interview I saw him talking about it happened in 2010 so if it isn’t rehab, what else was he doing? A close friend of mine that is a huge fan of his, thinks that he could of took a break from the music industry to be closer to his family because his time from his family was probably taken away because of studio time, rap battles, or performances. The movie 8 mile gives a very good representation of what Eminem went through growing up but I feel like there should be an updated version so we can see what else has happened. Eminem will always be well-known but it’s been a while since we heard some interesting news that had to do with Eminem. I was doing so much research and saw that the media cares mores about his “new look” rather than more important information that the fans want to know about. I even wrote in my story, “The world may never know.”

The Mario Kart App!

This app is gonna go viral I promise you because as a kid, I absolutely loved Mario Kart and being that this is going to be an app soon. It will save so much time because now we don;t have to set up our Wii to play such a fun game. I’ve been playing Mario Kart on the Wii since I was about 10 years old and I was addicted to it for a good minute but as life got busier and busier, I weaned off of it for a little while but, til this day, I still get first place almost every time I play because Mario Kart has always been my game. I can’t wait til this app comes out because then if I have some free time while I’m at school and not home to play on my Wii. I’ll be able to play it on my mobile phone. I also know that I won’t be the only one downloading it. My good friend Dez also loves Mario Kart and I know him and I are going go crazy over this app. I hope it’ll be easy to use but I do know that this new Mario Kart App is not going to charge as you go up in the levels which will be good for the company that created this new app. That’s more money for them statistically. I say that because the last Mario Kart App was charging users to go up a level and people didn’t want to pay that. I know I didn’t want to pay that and when I found that out. I didn’t even download it. However, I will most definitely get this app when it comes out in 2019!