My very first Obituary for my dear friend

My very first story I wrote for this class was an Obituary for my dear friend named Ashley Perdomo. She died from a hit-and-run. The saddest part about this is that she was only 17 years of age. She didn’t even make it to graduation. She was on-track to graduate, she was well-known around school. I was so shocked when I found about about her passing because I just saw her the day before. I sat right next to her in class and the fact hat she was gone from one day to the next, I was immediately in tears when I heard the horrifying news from a close friend of mine. Ashley was very humble, sweet, beautiful, and the whole school was affected by her death. We did a candle light visual by where she died, we did a memorial for the senior night. We held candles, let balloons fly high in the sky in her honor and had a moment of silence for her. It was so heart broken to see her mother crying and screaming for her to come back. It’s so sad that til this day, they never really got their justice. The man that ran into her did get arrested but not too long after he got arrested, someone bailed him out for $15,000. I found this very unfair to Ashley and her family. Why would they release a man that killed a senior in high school? It was so devastating. Ashley is in a better place now and god bless her and the family always. R.I.P Ashley Perdomo. She will always live in our hearts.


Eminem Story – Where did he go?

I decided to write a story about Eminem because I noticed that he has not been releasing any new music in a while and then when he released a song with Beyonce, everyone was saying “Eminem’s back”. My question is, back from what? Where did he go? Why did he take this break? What was he doing all of this time while he was away from the music industry? From my research, I know he had a drug problem that he admitted to and I believe he went to rehab for it but that was a long time ago because the interview I saw him talking about it happened in 2010 so if it isn’t rehab, what else was he doing? A close friend of mine that is a huge fan of his, thinks that he could of took a break from the music industry to be closer to his family because his time from his family was probably taken away because of studio time, rap battles, or performances. The movie 8 mile gives a very good representation of what Eminem went through growing up but I feel like there should be an updated version so we can see what else has happened. Eminem will always be well-known but it’s been a while since we heard some interesting news that had to do with Eminem. I was doing so much research and saw that the media cares mores about his “new look” rather than more important information that the fans want to know about. I even wrote in my story, “The world may never know.”

The Mario Kart App!

This app is gonna go viral I promise you because as a kid, I absolutely loved Mario Kart and being that this is going to be an app soon. It will save so much time because now we don;t have to set up our Wii to play such a fun game. I’ve been playing Mario Kart on the Wii since I was about 10 years old and I was addicted to it for a good minute but as life got busier and busier, I weaned off of it for a little while but, til this day, I still get first place almost every time I play because Mario Kart has always been my game. I can’t wait til this app comes out because then if I have some free time while I’m at school and not home to play on my Wii. I’ll be able to play it on my mobile phone. I also know that I won’t be the only one downloading it. My good friend Dez also loves Mario Kart and I know him and I are going go crazy over this app. I hope it’ll be easy to use but I do know that this new Mario Kart App is not going to charge as you go up in the levels which will be good for the company that created this new app. That’s more money for them statistically. I say that because the last Mario Kart App was charging users to go up a level and people didn’t want to pay that. I know I didn’t want to pay that and when I found that out. I didn’t even download it. However, I will most definitely get this app when it comes out in 2019!

Justin Timberlake’s legendary performance at the Super Bowl

Personally, I’m not really into football but I just watch the Super Bowl for the half-time show. I didn’t expect Justin Timberlake’s performance to be as good as it was. I call it “legendary” because he included one of Prince’s songs and projected a video of him performing while he was singing his song and the whole stadium turned purple. It was so beautiful and the fact that the Super Bowl was in Minneapolis made it even more meaningful because that is where Prince is from. I absolutely loved his performance and some people were actually hating on it by being so critical about every little thing he did. Actually, a close friend of mine named Brandi did not like his performance at all and I called her crazy for it because I don’t see what was so bad about it. Even her little sister thought it was bad too but I don’t get why they didn’t like it. I enjoyed every second of it and everything about it was an eye catcher. However, I think his song mash-ups were great, he killed it, and his interaction with the audience was impressive instead of drawing all of the attention of him on stage. He even let a fan take a selfie with him during the performance and I haven’t seen any celebrity do that. It was too cute and I liked his enthusiasm throughout the whole performance. He really impressed me and I underestimated JT. He did so good and he certainly exceeded my expectations.

I hate the Snapchat Update

I wrote a story about how everyone hates the snapchat update and that 80,000+ people signed a petition to get Snap Inc. to revert snapchat back to how it used to be. Being a journalism writer, we can’t say “I”. I absolutely hate that about journalism writing but luckily for me, I can speak my mind on my blog. I honestly felt like a grandma trying to work an iPhone when I first got the snapchat update because it was that confusing.  I wish I could revert it back to how it use to be and if I knew there was a petition going around I would of been one of those 80,000 people. I actually have been checking my app store to see if they’ll have an “Update” to revert it back because there was a post I saw a friend put on their Instagram about it reverting back but it was a hoax. I was very disappointed when everything changed on snapchat. I’m just curious to why would they think that changing the way snapchat works would make it better? It made snapchat worse because people have actually considered deleting their snapchat because they don’t know how to work it. I’ll admit I’ve adjusted to most of the changes but I still don’t like how it’s set up now. Snapchat is not what it use to be. Now, you technically only see stories of people that you talk to on a daily or the friends that you have a streak with which is kind of ridiculous.

Frustration as a newbie “it does matter”

I just started working at Epic Bodywork and I like it so much better than my last job because now I can rest my feet and stand. I can do a combination of both at this job which is great. I use to work at Torrid and that was strictly being on my feet. Being that I am a thick girl, it was hard for me being on my feet 24/7. Moving right along with what happened yesterday, I was working at my new job and it was the first time I’ve seen people come in for a Yoga class. I was told step-by-step on how to charge the person for the class. However, I was on the phone with someone that was trying to schedule an appointment with a massage therapist. Later on, I had to call my manager to ask her a couple questions about what the man was asking me in order for me to schedule the appointment. Keep in mind,  it took a while for me to schedule an appointment because of the client’s availability. While I was on the phone with my personal manager, she was telling me that I should of charged the people before they went into the class but I was on the phone with the man. I explained to her what I was doing during the time that I should of charged them and she said, “It doesn’t matter” and that made me feel some type of way because it’s not easy to multitask when you’re trying to schedule an appointment with someone and they have just as much of a busy schedule as the therapist does. Even the Yoda instructor told me, “yes it does matter, you were busy and I wanted to start my class. You’re good.” I just felt like I was being put in a tough position at this point. I’ve been working here for about three weeks and I’m still fairly new. I’ve been trying my hardest and yet some things are just not enough because I simply didn’t charge the women before they went into their yoga class. At the end of the day, I charged them afterward so all that actually matters is that they paid for the Yoga class.